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Weekly Contest Rank - Top 10

Weekly JACKPOT: 1250 L$

Last winner: icylakes Resident, won: 2250 L$

Magic RankMagic PlayerWeekly RewardWeekly Points
1Dynine Resident350 L$11970
2Valou Galli150 L$10916
3Sonia Jie130 L$10904
4dudu Dixon120 L$10842
5Emerald Toki100 L$10744
6AngelNochiS Resident90 L$9940
7Geniveve Boucher80 L$8416
8BlueWindGTR Resident70 L$7164
9Aliehsh Heying60 L$5960
10penny Kenin50 L$5554

Weekly Reward = Amount paid at the end of the week.
Weekly Points = Total Points this week (you earn Weekly Points if you fish with worms).
Weekly Jackpot = The Jackpot can leave at the end of the week or increases the value for the following week. Any player in the Top 20 can win this Jackpot

Note: The weekly contest ends Sunday at midnight SLtime (San Francisco time), and immediately starts a new weekly contest.