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Weekly Contest - Last winners

Magic RankMagic PlayerWeekly RewardWeekly PointsDate
1Emerald Toki350 L$390502018-01-14
2Valou Galli150 L$387202018-01-14
3emberjayne Resident130 L$301862018-01-14
4ojishonda Creighton120 L$256122018-01-14
5Zezette Citron100 L$249902018-01-14
6BillySamson Resident90 L$158622018-01-14
7Robbie Couturier80 L$134542018-01-14
8southlamom55 Resident70 L$129622018-01-14
9Shelomey Spiritor60 L$112442018-01-14
10Jai1Jackson Resident50 L$104932018-01-14